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Dongguan Jugo Magnet Co.,Ltd

JUGO MAGNET was founded in 2008, is a professional from NdFeB magnet, ferrite magnet, Bar magnet, rubber magnet, magnetic products of the enterprise.


In the past 11 years, Jugo magnet has always adhered to the professional and focused spirit, kept up with the market demand, and continuously explored and innovated. The company has passed the ISO9001, and its products have passed Rosh, Reach,Disney and other certifications.The production of ndfeb has the characteristics of low weight loss, high consistency, high operating temperature and high precision.Committed to providing customers with cost-effective magnetic products and perfect application formula solutions, to ensure that customer products always have the leading and excellent competitiveness.Relying on the clear development strategy, adhering to the spirit of better service for customers, Jugo magnet constantly expand the depth, improve the industrial chain, and gradually form an innovative research and development, standardized production and professional sales trinity, mutually promoting the development model.