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Development of Jugo Magnet

In 2008, Jugo Magnet Co.,Ltd was founded, mainly engaged in strong magnets, magnetic products, magnetic applications solutions.More convenient, timely to provide customers with professional services.


In 2016, Jugo Magnet invested 3.5 million yuan to set up Shenzhen Jugo Magnet Co.,Ltd. in order to meet the urgent market demand for high-quality magnetic stable raw materials and magnetic products, focusing on the research, development, production and sales of magnetic materials and NdFeB magnet product.


In 2016, Shenzhen Jugo Magnet Co.,Ltd., invited experts, Dr. Yang jianzhong joint 14 from Japan, Germany, the United States and China's top scientists launched to create M&C experiment center (China) magnetic products innovation, is dedicated to research, to provide the industry from the formula products detected for technical services, technical consulting, so greatly enhances the application technology service ability of the company.


In 2018,Dongguan Jugo Magnet Co.,Ltd. was established. invested RMB one million yuan to expand the scale of ndfeb magnet production one-stop service, to ensure the quality of customers and delivery time, as well as the reduction of production costs.Products that are more conducive to our customers have a stronger competitiveness in the market.